If your phone system is connected to the internet, you may be at risk for toll fraud. SYSTM helps companies minimize the ability for IP scanners and other potential threats from finding your VoIP Infrastructure and phone system, with toll fraud security software solutions.

SENTRY provides a service that helps your phone system remain hidden and therefore greatly reduces the chance of attacks leading to toll fraud.

Learn About Toll Fraud

PBX or phone System toll fraud continues to cost businesses millions of dollars each year. When a phone system is breached, remote parties have the ability and potential of setting up ways to make calls using your phone system and therefore costing you money. This not only provides financial risk, but also provides the potential for loss of data and breach of information.

SYSTM provides SENTRY which delivers VoIP Infrastructure security software that helps prevent your PBX or Phone System from being found by IP Scanners. We believe by reducing your probability of “being found” by IP Scanners, your chances of preventing phone system toll fraud is reduced.

Our goal is to help you not get found SENTRY is also providing continuous updates to the VoIP Security service as more known threats or scanners are picked up in our system. We encourage you to incorporate SENTRY from SYSTM as part of your overall VoIP Security best practices.

Our Team at SYSTM is here to help you with any questions you have as we help you minimize your probability of incurring toll fraud with your phone system.

Discover What We Do for You

With over a century of combined industry experience, our team of educators and problem solvers provides excellent software installation and guidance on how to use and benefit from our toll fraud security software solutions.

We use our extensive experience to help you always know what we are doing with your software system and how we can benefit you with our work. We want you to understand how our software works and protects you.

Keep yourself and your company secure with toll fraud security software from SYSTM. Complete our online form to discover what our solutions can do for you.