Many business owners need to decide how to field a variety of phone calls from clients. A common solution to this problem is to install a private branch exchange (PBX). However, PBX systems are often connected to the public internet and are exposed to potential security risks that are infrequently discussed.

SYSTM offers SENTRY, which is a small appliance that allows you to connect between your phone system and the public internet connection By doing this, SENTRY then provides a level of PBX infrastructure security software and service which helps your PBX become more secure.

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Our team is a mix of educators and problem solvers. You can think of us as part professor and part engineer. We prioritize working closely with you to help you understand the business risks of your particular PBX and what software solutions that we recommend to deal with the specifics of your circumstances.

We believe that PBX infrastructure security software is part of an overall comprehensive plan to protect your phone system from security threats. SENTRY is a service that helps reduce your likelihood of having your phone system found on the internet by preventing known IP scanners and other known threats from reaching it.

Our theory at SYSTM is that if SENTRY can help you become more “invisible” then you reduce your risk of being breached.

Our team also understands that SENTRY provides one component of the never-ending quest to protect your VoIP Infrastructure. We encourage continued best practices for creating access rules and strong passwords, as well as conducting appropriate secure access of devices and users. These best practices, along with SENTRY, will then result in a more secure VoIP Infrastructure and PBX.

Our team grounds our services in simplicity because we believe that the best services are simple ones. We strive to make all of our work clear and understandable to you and those around you. We provide you with straightforward and easy-to-use software solutions.

We ensure that as we install and update your PBX infrastructure with these security software solutions, you are aware of all the work that we do. Our team uses our education background to share our process and work in a clear and understandable way.

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Our team has a combined over 100 years of experience in the industry. We use our extensive experience to provide software services that work with your specific business situation.

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