Introducing SENTRY

SENTRY is a revolutionary new VoIP security platform. Designed by the experts at SYSTM to protect any on-premise, SIP enabled PBX, SENTRY provides carrier grade security technologies, delivered in a simple, fully automated appliance.


SENTRY was built from the ground up to make it simple for you to protect both new and existing on-premise VoIP infrastructure.


SENTRY delivers instant protection from over 98% of malicious scanners, provides rate limiting for known exploited services, and blocks baddies 24/7.


SENTRY leverages the SYSTM global threat detection network to deliver continious definition updates for known and emerging threats.

Understand the Threat

  • Toll fraud costs businesses over 4 Billion dollars a year.
  • A single compromised system can easily rack up $50-$100k in toll charges, in just a few hours.
  • Even simple DDoS attacks can bring a system down for hours.

Why risk it?


We make it simple to protect your on-premise VoIP infrastructure. SENTRY is designed to be completely transparent, requiring zero re-configuration of your existing network or PBX. Simply connect SENTRY inline with your PBX and you are protected. SENTRY is a fully automated, “Plug-and-Play” solution.

Don't wait until you are a victim of toll fraud.


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